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The Tax Act of 2017: Three strategies advisors and clients should discuss

Our Blog Jul 16, 2018 Abram Claude, Vice President, Value-Add Programs

As the dust settles on the Tax Act, it’s time to consider what it means for investors. Here are three strategies advisors should discuss with their clients.

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Q&A with a CIO: Outlook, volatility and behavioral finance

Our Blog Jul 12, 2018 Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer

Colin discusses his outlook on the markets, the normalcy of market volatility and how behavioral finance plays a role in it all.

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Explaining equity: What’s happening with this year’s returns?

Our Blog Jul 10, 2018 Melda Mergen, Deputy Global Head of Equities

The divergence between growth and value stocks is one of the biggest stories of 2018, and equity income investors find themselves on the wrong side of it. Why?

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Get invested: Bridging the gap between female investors and financial advisors

Our Blog Jul 09, 2018 Vicki Lester, Head of Intermediary Marketing

Over the last year, Vicki has led an effort to help financial advisors better connect with women investors. She shares her own personal story and how Columbia Threadneedle Investments can help make the connection.

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Short-term tactical outlook

Market Outlook Jul 05, 2018 Global Asset Allocation Team

A snapshot of current views on equity, fixed-income and alternative asset classes — updated monthly to help you tactically adjust for opportunities and risks.

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