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White paper: When can risk mean opportunity?

Our BlogWhite Paper Jun 21, 2018 Gene Tannuzzo, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Strategic Income

There’s more to bond investing than interest rates. And understanding the four key risk factors can help investors navigate the fixed-income market.

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Is it the right time for commodities? Three charts say yes.

Our Blog Jun 18, 2018 Joshua Kutin, Head of Asset Allocation, North America

Right now is a particularly strategic time to consider including commodities in your asset allocation mix.

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Is the muni bond market positioned for its moment in the sun?

Our Blog Jun 11, 2018 Catherine Stienstra, Head of Municipal Investments

As we kick off the historically positive summer months for the muni market, investors could see higher returns — but may have a hard time finding bonds.

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Short-term tactical outlook

Market Outlook Jun 08, 2018 Global Asset Allocation Team

A snapshot of current views on equity, fixed-income and alternative asset classes — updated monthly to help you tactically adjust for opportunities and risks.

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Six key events that could shape markets in the second half of 2018

Our Blog Jun 04, 2018 Columbia Threadneedle Investment Team

The first half of the year reintroduced investors to market volatility. Six key events in the remainder of 2018 could add to the uncertainty.

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