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Q&A: Stop chasing spectacular returns. Go for consistency.

Our Blog Jul 17, 2017 Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer

Where are the investment opportunities and risks in today’s market, and why might investors value a consistent approach to investing now more than ever?


Short-term tactical outlook

Market Outlook Jul 14, 2017 Jeffrey L. Knight, Global Head of Investment Solutions and Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation

Jeff Knight leads the Global Asset Allocation Team, a dedicated group of investment professionals who manage asset allocation portfolios. The team evaluates economic conditions, market opportunities and risks across the global landscape to determine asset allocation views.

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The state of Illinois: A crisis of politics, not economics

Our Blog Jul 13, 2017 Chad Farrington, CFA, Head of Municipal Bond Credit Research and Senior Portfolio Manager

Illinois is seen as a credit risk hot spot, but it hasn’t reached the point of no return. Not all Illinois municipal bonds pose the same amount of risk.

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Credit quality hot spots in the municipal market

Our BlogVideos Jul 10, 2017 James Dearborn, Head of Municipal Bond Investments and Senior Portfolio Manager

In this review of muni bond trouble spots, James Dearborn notes that the biggest concern in munis right now is pension funding.

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Consistency may cure investors’ bad habits

Videos Jul 06, 2017 Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer

Colin Moore explains how a portfolio with more consistent returns may help investors avoid emotion-driven mistakes like buying high and selling low.

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