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We heard you: your favorite blog posts from 2017

Our Blog Dec 28, 2017
Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer

Each week, we post topics to help you navigate the road ahead and make investment decisions that are right for you. See the most popular posts from 2017.

Over the years, one of the things that has always remained consistent is that we want to hear what you think. And in 2017, we’ve heard some common themes: you’re not sure what’s going to happen next. You’re concerned and sometimes you’re not sure about what. You’re trying to grow your assets or generate more income, and you want to make sure you aren’t missing out. But that’s why we’re here — to help guide you and to give you the resources and knowledge to help you navigate the road ahead. That's why we put our insights out into the world each week.

You’ve let us know what resonated most with you this year. So, from our market outlooks to strategies for uncovering retirement income, here are our top posts of 2017:

Investors want growth. And there are still areas to find it.

One of the standout investment themes of 2017 was infrastructure — and we expect this to carry into the new year. In The path to growth through infrastructure, our infrastructure portfolio managers and I described the global scope of the infrastructure opportunity, and warned that passive investors may miss out.

Retirement income is a challenge. But there are strategies that can help.

Our team will never stop working to uncover new opportunities for investors saving for retirement. In our most shared blog post of the year, Maximizing married life: Four Social Security strategies for couples, we walk Baby Boomers through specific ways they can make the most of their benefits.

Market outlooks are an important planning tool. Ours sparked a conversation.

As the bull market rolled on throughout the year, many investors worried that all good things must come to an end. So when our Global Asset Allocation Team, led by Jeff Knight, updated their five-year return forecast for major asset classes, it prompted a number of questions. The post, Jeff Knight answers key questions about his recent five-year forecast, gives some additional key insights and provides details on how to position your diversified strategies.

Fixed income comes with a lot of jargon. We helped explain it.

When it comes to the fixed-income market, a lot of the concepts are unfamiliar to investors. In this short video, Are derivatives hiding risk in your bond portfolio?, Senior Portfolio Manager Gene Tannuzzo explains why investors should be aware of derivatives, how their fund managers might use them and how they can change a fund’s risk profile. It was our most viewed video blog post of the past year.

Bottom line:

We always love learning about what speaks to you — it helps us do our job even better. As we look forward to the new year, we’ll keep listening. Whether you’re looking for more growth strategies or ways to build retirement income, we want to give you the topics and insights that matter most to you.

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Colin Moore

Colin Moore

Global Chief Investment Officer