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There’s always a new reason to consider tech stocks

Our Blog Oct 30, 2017 Columbia Threadneedle Investment Team

Tech is everywhere. It affects our daily lives in many powerful ways, from how we communicate to how we shop. And it’s not going anywhere.

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Dollar-cost averaging: a strategy for market ups and downs

Our Blog Oct 26, 2017 Columbia Threadneedle Investment Team

The optimal time to invest is sometimes unclear. But dollar-cost averaging helps remove the guesswork.

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Tracking the Agg? Why the bond index may not work for investors.

Our BlogWhite Paper Oct 23, 2017 Edward Kerschner, Chief Portfolio Strategist

The Agg is more than an index. It’s the basis for financial products that represent large fixed-income allocations for many investors. What’s wrong with that?

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The case for eurozone stocks

Our Blog Oct 17, 2017 Melda Mergen, Deputy Global Head of Equities

Europe’s rebound from financial crisis is in full swing — and it looks resilient. For investors, eurozone stocks may present a compelling opportunity.

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Beyond traditional diversification: an adaptive methodology

Our BlogVideos Oct 16, 2017 Jeffrey L. Knight, Global Head of Investment Solutions and Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation

Does a balanced diversification strategy work all of the time? If not, what’s the solution?

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